Indigenous Student Experience

Canadore College welcomes approximately 350 Indigenous learners annually, to Nipissing First Nation Territory. We have also supported hundreds of learners in their own communities through our community-based programs.

The First Peoples’ Centre at Canadore College is your home away from home. We celebrate diverse nations, languages, cultures and customs while creating a sense of community with our Elder in residence, staff and mentorship program.

Our Powwow, walking and snowshoe trails, Tipi and sweat lodge will get you outside enjoying the beautiful landscapes that this territory has to offer. You may even find yourself standing over an open fire, enjoying the smell of smoke and your freshly prepared goose dinner.

The Canadore Aboriginal Student Association (CASA) organizes ongoing fundraising for student activities and special events. CASA members develop leadership skills while helping to build a sense of community for Aboriginal students.

The Canadore Students’ Council has an elected position to the Council to ensure that the quality of Aboriginal student life at Canadore is maintained.

Over 350 Aboriginal students attend Canadore College annually from across Canada.

Many Nations are represented including: Ojibway, Oji-Cree, Cree Algonquin, Métis, Mohawk and Inuit.

  • Services Offered

    We know it takes a lot of hard work and support to be successful in school. We have worked hard to build respectful and trusting relationships between staff, faculty, students, Indigenous Communities, organizations and other educational partners to provide services that will help you achieve your goals. We offer personal and academic counselling with supportive and knowledgeable Elders and staff that speak English, Cree and Ojibwe.

  • Student Services

    includes counselling, advocacy, elders’ programs, career planning, tutoring, referrals, social events and the promotion of personal growth and well-being.

  • Student-oriented Initiatives

    designed to create a positive learning environment for students by enhancing leadership and team-building skills.

  • Cultural Support Program

    provides guidance to students and staff while reinforcing the importance of language, values, customs, pride and identity among Aboriginal people.

  • Transition and Transformation Teams

    provides innovative and integrated intervention methods and strategies to proactively plan and respond to students at all education levels.

  • Options and Opportunity

    for students to attain dual diplomas and specialized certification.

  • Commitment and Professionalism

    our team “goes the extra mile” to ensure the most successful learning experience for our students.

  • Elder on Campus Program

    The Elder on Campus provides cultural support and resources to all students attending Canadore and hosts a number of workshops, sharing circles and other opportunities for students to participate in social events throughout the school year.


Gerard Peltier
Recruitment and Retention Officer
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